Balloon Structure
Designed for Construction application - The balloon is designed to withstand the rigors of the jobsite.

Balloon Structure

Balloon Material
The GloBug balloons are fabricated from material that is durable, heat resistant, and easy to maintain

Balloon Material

Balloon protective Cover
Protective canvas cover can store balloon itself while not in use so that you never lose it.

Tilting grip handle
As the option envelope of the balloon has a reflector, the balloon can illuminate downward more brightly. When illuminating specific places or to avoid bothering neighborhoods with light, you can adjust the angle of the balloon.
It can also make GloBug more conpact in storage or transportation.

Balloon light - Tilting   Balloon light - Transportation

400W Metal Halide Lamp
Metal halide lamps radiate over entire visible range and produce white light is close to natural sunlight.
Metal halide has excellent color rendering, high eficiency and is an economical lamp because of its long life.
Each lamp can be set to any direction.

Metal Halide structure   Metal Halide Color

Lamp stand

Lamp stand can be set 2 positions and each arm of the lamp can be turned to set to any. direction.

Lamp stand - One direction
One direction
Lamp stand - All directions
All directions

Lamp stand - One direction
Lamp stand - All directions


Pneumatic Tires
Pneumatic tires travel smoothly even on bumpy ground. The tire diameter is 12 inch.

Steerable Cart

Steering Handle
The handle bar allows you to move GloBug freely. Requiring force to move is only 11lbs. The wheel designed to turn in the oppiste direction of the handle, so that you can apply the force easier.

Steering Handle

Sure Braking
The parking brake pedal, which is easy
to apply even in an emergency, holds the firmly at 11lbs. and holds it even with a puncture and on a 5 degree slope.

Sure Brakeing 1   Sure Braking 2

Ofset & Straight Poles
Offset pole and Straight pole are available. You can put in position beyond the equipment not to cause an obstruction.

Poles & Clamps
Poles & Clamps

Flexible Clamps
Flexible clamps allow instrallation at any angle. The diameter of available pipe to fix up is 0.5 - 2 inch.

Flexible Clamps 1
Flexible Clamps 2


Air Shock-Absorbing Mast
Mast system uses air shocks to prevent sudden descent.

Air shock absorbing mast

Adjustable Height and Quick Storing
Height of the tripod is adjustable at two positions. Stowing is with just pulling up the strap.

Height adjustable
  One touch storage

Carrying Case
For easy carryting

Carrying case

Safety device of Mast
There are three safety locks installed in the mast. Even in the event of the lifting wire breaking, the mast is caught by automatic stop devices.
safety mast2
safety mast1
Safety lock in the first/second mast
safety mast3
Safety lock in the third/fourth mast

Safety winch
The patented safety winch ensures safety below. Normal winches are unsafe, because masts go up even when winding the reverse direction, however the brake system doesn't work, and then it may injure operator.
The safety winch only operates in the right direction ensuring a safe raised mast with the safety device.
safety winch

Safety Structure
Because the tire doubles as a bumper, there is no anxiety that cart and generator will get damaged from small collisions.

Safety cart

GloBug Lighting System has very unique stabilizer, one-touch outrigger. One-touch outriggers are set simply and locked automatically, so no special handling is required. And the position of the outrigger is automatically adjusted to the shape of the ground by gravity.

cart outrigger
Cart typpe - GB113BC
pentapod outrigger
Workstand type - GB114BW

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