GloBug lighting system offers superior illumination for construction crews along highways. Motorists are not
subjected to the intense glare produced by conventional light towers --- even when looking directly at the light.

Spot Light
Spot Light
Ballon Light
Balloon Light

Coming from the whole balloon, the light reaches over 360 degrees and to a long distance homogeneously. Illuminating fixed direction or close to residential area, you can use a balloon with the reflector.

Balloon Light - All directions

The Balloon is highly visible when the mast is fully extended, improving safety. Its unique design reduces shadows in the area.

Balloon Light - Excellent Visibility

Light putput from the balloon radiates a full 360 degrees without a blind spot. Special balloons are available for work in confined spaces or in residential areas.

Spot Light 2
Spot Light
Balloon Light 2
Balloon Light
Worksite visibility is reduced due to the intense glare. The Balloon illuminates the entire site; workers can see clearly beyond the site for improved safety.

Compared to conventional light towers, GloBug Lighting System is designed very compactly. It is possible to store GloBugs indoors. For exsample, GB113BC can be stored as long as there is a space of only (L) 41" x (W) 32" x (H) 66". But the tower is extended up to 5.6' height.
GloBug is designed based on safety. Operator's safety has been taken the highest priority. Various tests have been conducted to check reliability of the GloBug's safety devices.

Balloon Light - Storage
Compact design
One-touch Outrigger

GloBug Lighting System has an excellent maneuverability, one operator can move around the unit. So the unit can easily follow the job site even when it is moving construction.
Cart Type - GB113BC has Air-filled Tire, Handle-Bar and Parking Brake. The air-filled tires whose diameter is about 13ft travel smoothly even on bumpy ground. The handle-bar allows you to move the unit freely.
Workstand Type - GB114BW has five Caster-Wheel on the base for easy maneuverability. As the heavy ballast can be installed on the mast, you don't habe to carry it when moving the unit.

Steerable Cart
Steerable Cart with Handl-Bar
Braking System
Air-fiiled Tire and Brake System

One truck can transport several GloBug for reduced transportation costs.

Balloon Light - Easy Carrying

GB12BW is only 30 lbs and includes carrying case for easy transportation.

GloBug Lighting System offers various configurations that can be mounted to mobile pieces of equipment such as pavers or rollers, wheeled pentapod (work-stand) or Cart type.

Balloon Light - Cart Type
Steerable Cart
Balloon Light - Work-stand Type
Pentapod& Tripod
Balloon Light -Equipment-mount Type

There are three types of balloon, Standard Balloon, Reflector Balloon and Drum Shaped Balloon. You can make a choice to your uses.

Standard type radiates light from the whole balloon. This type is good when illuminating places homogeneously such as events and using it also as an ornament.
Balloon - Round shape

Reflector balloon can illuminate downward more brightly. When illuminationg specific places or lighting not to bother neighborhoods, adjust the angle of the balloon.
Balloon - Reflector

The light of drum shaped balloon reaches to a longer distance. Best for using as "Message Balloon". SInce it has integral Velcro strips, message strip (opional blank message strip - BALD1) can be quickly installed with no tools.
Balloon - Drum shape

The balloon with characters stuck on or printed can by use as road signs and billboards.
They can help with security and promoting company image. As the part of the lamp is bright, messages and designs stand put at nighttime and serve for lighting as well as signs.
Balloon Light - Message Strips

Message Strips 1
Message Strips 2
Message Strips 3
Message Strips 4
Message Strips 5
Message Strips 6
Message Strips 7
Message Strips 8
Message Strips 9   Message Strips 10
* Custom messages are easily applied using Velcro fasteners.
* Meesage strips fit on both sides of the balloon.

Colored balloons create atmosphere and attracts people.
They are also good for events, promotions warnings and







Optional special occasion balloons are available. Or design your won.

We can make "your custom-made balloon envelopes".


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