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  Type of lamp
Type of lamp
Ballast: A device that, by means of resistance, inductance, capacitance or electronic elements, singly or in combination, controls the current, voltage and waveform to the required values for proper lamp starting and operation for a HID ballast operating at a given supply voltage.
Color Rendering: A measure of a light source's ability to render colors relative to a standard. In general, lower Color Rendering indicates that some color may appear unnatural when illuminated by a lamp.
Color Temperature: The perceived "color" of the light emitted by a lamp expressed in Kelvin.
HID Lamp: A lamp that produces light by passing electricity through gas, which causes the gas to glow. HID lamps have extremely long life and emit far more lumens per fixture than do fluorescent lights.
Life Hours: The median life span of a very large number of lamps. Half of the lamps in a sample are likely to fail before the rated lamp life, and half are likely to survive beyond the rated lamp life.
  Lumens: A unit of measurement of the rate at which a lamp produces light. A lamp's light out put rating express the total amount of light emitted in all directions per unit time. Ratings of initial light output provided by manufacturers express the total light output after 100 hours of operation.
  Lux: The metric unit of measure for illuminance of a surface. One lux is equal to one lumen per square meter. One lux equals 0.093 footcandle.
  Restrike Time: The time required for a lamp to restrike, or start, after the lamp is extinguished. Normally, HID lamps need to cool before they can be restarted.
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