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Benefit of LIGHT BOY series

Comparison with conventional lighting tower
Less working space
LIGHT BOY occupies less operating space, so it is possible to set units out of the way while working even in small-sized construction site.
Comparison in working space
Multiple unites transportable
As LIGHT BOY is designed very compactly, several units can be transported by one vehicle, or you can utilize an empty space when transporting construction machines. It is possible to save transportation cost.
Comparison in transportation
Advantage of balloon light (for balloon light type)
"Balloon light" gives enough light to a work area but eyes are never blinded by glare even if seeing the light directly. It is gentle to surrounding traffic. And the light that forms less darker shadow is also comfortable for the workers.
Glare-free lighting for safety driving
360 degree illumination without blind spot
Feature of balloon light 01
Wide area illumination with less energy
Message strip for attention (option)
Feature of balloon light 02
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